Aurastop in children

Migraine diagnosis is difficult in children, because of the difficulty in collecting anamnestic data, and because the characteristics of the headache are still confused and often overlapping those of tension headache.

In this age group, there are few compounds available for both migraine prevention and the treatment of migraine attacks.

The discomfort caused by headache in pediatric age is frequently underestimated: children cannot participate in games or sports activities with friends, and headache can generate anxiety for every event of life.

Aurastop, a diet supplement with no relevant side-effects, is proposed as a new treatment option for pediatricians, but also for child psychiatrists for the management of tension headache and chronic migraine in order to facilitate detoxification in case of medication-overuse.


When it can be used

AURASTOP can be used both as a preventative treatment at the dose of 1 teaspoon 2 times per day for 2-3 months, resulting in a significant reduction of headache frequency (the treatment can be repeated after a few months in case of need), and as an acute therapy when an attack occurs, in children above 4 years of age, at a dose of 1 pouch.

AURASTOP in the case of migraine aura : Though less common than among adults, migraine aura can occur in children. AURAStop interrupts visual and sensory symptoms when taken at the beginning of the aura itself.